Cartier Women's Initiative Awards


Cartier, in partnership with INSEAD Business School and McKinsey & Company, is pleased to announce the 2017 Finalists of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards. The 18 Finalists were selected from nearly 1900 applications in over 120 countries.

This year, INSEAD Asia Campus in Singapore will be hosting the Awards week programme (coaching sessions for the Finalists with professionals from the INSEAD network, press conference, jury evaluation), and the Laureates will be announced at the International Awards Ceremony on 12th April 2017, at the Victoria Concert Hall in Singapore. By changing the location of the Awards Ceremony, Cartier aims to emphasise the international dimension of the competition.

The 2017 Finalists have distinguished themselves by the impact they are making in ensuring food security for the future, leveraging technology to connect communities and empower individuals, enhancing healthcare and social care systems and optimising the use of resources towards sustainability.

To watch the finalists’ interviews and learn more about their businesses, please visit:


WIA Finalists


Ana-Lucia Cepeda, Mexico, Bolsa Rosa
Online job board that connects women with flex-time jobs.

Candice Pascoal, Brazil, Kickante
Crowdfunding platform that connects campaign creators with donors and investors.

Carolina Medina, Colombia, Agruppa
Creates virtual buying groups for small food vendors in low–income neighbourhoods using mobile technology.


Angela Braren, United States, Instrumentl
Online platform that matches scientists with the best grants to fund their research.

Katie Anderson, United States, Save Water Co
Retrofits water systems in high-density housing and commercial establishments to reduce water wastage and costs.

Rhonda Harper, United States, Penrose Senior Care Auditors
Tech-enabled auditing platform to ensure comprehensive senior care.


Ciara Donlon, Ireland, THEYA Healthcare
Designs, manufactures and sells a range of post-surgery lingerie for women.

Lise Pape, United Kingdom, Walk With Path
Assistive technology for people with mobility problems.

Marina Ross, Russia, Nanobarrier HYDROP
Superhydrophobic nano-coating that protects clothing and footwear from wear and tear.


Nneka Mobisson, Nigeria, mDoc Healthcare
Mobile platform that provides people living with chronic disease with 24/7 access to virtual healthcare providers.

Salma Abdulai, Ghana, Unique Quality Product
Processes and markets fonio, a nutritious and climate resistant indigenous cereal.

Kathy Ku, Uganda, Spouts of Water
Manufactures and distributes affordable, locally produced ceramic water filters.


Sara Kristina Hannig Nour, Egypt, Sara and Lara’s Baskets
Harvests and delivers weekly shipments of organic produce directly to customers in large cities.

Thea Myhrvold, United Arab Emirates, Teach Me Now
Virtual classroom that connects teachers and students all over the world.

Samira Negm, Egypt, Raye7
Mobile application that provides a secure, real-time ride-sharing service suited to developing countries.


Trupti Jain, India, Naireeta Services
Provides water management solutions for farmers affected by drought and flash floods.

Xania Wong, Hong Kong, Jobdoh
Smart-hiring platform that instantly connects employers with temporary workers.

Yunye Shin, South Korea, Zero Space Inc
Designs and manufactures zero-waste design products.