Eau de Toilette VI L'Heure Brillante Spray

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The moment was electric, charged with lemon, SWEET LIME energy. The unexpected laid down the law. The start was announced. Outside, the world accelerated. The hour when everything lights up, like hungry neon longing to consume. Abstain from nothing, drink in a jolt of acidity, feel the vibrating rhythm of the street, pound the asphalt in an outlandish escapade. And with gin toast life, the falling night, of parties past and celebrations yet to be dreamt up in the midst of euphoria. For Time is radiant ALDEHYDES, and happiness is in tune with these bodies charged with fantasy, the invigorating thrill of the electric hour served up in a tingling drop. Cartier always seeks to perfect the harmony of each one of its creations. Because of this, the carat weight and the number of precious stones can vary slightly from piece to piece. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team should you require any further information regarding our creations.

This collection bestows carte blanche to the creativity of our In-House Perfumer, Mathilde Laurent. It is a tribute both to the History of Perfumery and the Art of Perfume, an exploration of the Story of Scents and specially selected ingredients. La Treizième Heure has been honoured with two prestigious FIFI awards. Each Heure de Parfum is an expression of the Cartier olfactory style.