Cartier Philanthropy

Cartier Philanthropy, established in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2012, is a grant-making foundation.

Guided by Maison Cartier's standards of excellence, but entirely independent from its commercial activities, Cartier Philanthropy strives to help free everyone’s potential, enabling people to live meaningful and fulfilling lives in inclusive, equitable and safe environments.

To improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable in the world’s least developed regions, the foundation partners with non-profit organisations. These partners are impact-driven, excel in their fields of expertise, share our values of trust, integrity and respect, and have programmes which are aligned with the areas we care about most:

  • Access to basic services (water & sanitation, education, nutrition, primary healthcare);
  • Women’s social and economic development;
  • Responsible management of natural resources;
  • Emergency response and preparedness.

For more information on the missions and programmes supported by Cartier Philanthropy please visit: