In Tune with Cartier London

To celebrate the legacy of Cartier in London and how the British spirit electrifies the Cartier style and elegance, we curated a series of talks that brought together a diverse and powerful range of voices to discuss creativity, innovation and inspiration.
Across the series we speak with iconic Londoners live at the New Bond Street Boutique to find out what London means to them, the influence it has had on their careers and how it has shaped the people they are today. Tune into the podcast now!



The character of the city, drew the Cartier brothers to establish their second boutique here in London. This theme reflects on what the city might have meant to them, giving a sense of what Cartier has taken from it’s long tenure in New Bond Street. Tune in to hear Twiggy and Mary McCartney as they discuss this topic.


Cartier’s London ‘rebels’ include Edwina Mountbatten, Daisy Fellowes, Gwendoline Mond and Diana Cooper, key clients of the Maison who chose to live a little differently, to break the rules and attempt to change the world. This theme explores the spirit of Londoners as ‘rule breakers’ who have an ability to be at once both ‘diehard traditionalists yet committed subversives’. Tune in to hear Es Devlin discuss this topic.


This theme explores Cartier’s key values as well as the importance, of innovation and the drive to create something at once timeless and new as well as truly ‘Cartier’.  Tune in to hear Grace Wales Bonner and Alek Wek as they discuss this topic.


Cartier’s style has always thrived on contradiction: from the marriage of East and West in the tutti frutti style to the use of both precious and unexpected materials in its most recent High Jewellery collections. Historically and today, Cartier has balanced the creative tension between tradition and modernity, known for its innovation as much as its icons. Tune in to hear Roksanda Ilincić and Eva Rothschild as they discuss this topic.


The legacy of Cartier is built on the instinct and ambition that brought the brothers from Paris to London, New York and beyond and an awareness on their part of the importance of rules and rule-breaking which underpinned their creativity and innovation. The legacy of the Maison Cartier can be found in the ‘art, beauty and originality’ of its creations yesterday and today, as well as in the tensions and contradictions that inspired them. Tune in to hear Stephen Jones & Pierre Rainero, Image, Style and Heritage Director at Cartier, as they discuss this topic.